Gizmag drives the formidable little Alfa Romeo 4C

There are few things as satisfying as driving a car that has no doubts about its purpose. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a race car made for the track lover who would prefer not to haul the car to the track on a trailer. It is, in short, a street-legal track car. It knows this and revels in it.

For two days, an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was mine to play with. It arrived early in the morning on a Monday, driven by a shaken delivery driver who quickly abandoned it to jump into a Toyota truck and its familiar comfort zone. After he’d left, I and my four year-old daughter walked around the little car for our first inspection.

She eyeballed the color (Rosso Competizione Tri-Coat) as I looked over the tires (Pirelli P Zero 3-season AR Racing). She poked at the twin exhaust ports as I considered the air intakes on either fender. Then we opened the door.

The interior was black leather and microfiber seating with carbon fiber to be seen everywhere else. The entire car is carbon fiber and aluminum. The frame, body, and so on are all carbon fiber,

Volvo to be first bus manufacturer to bring hybrid buses to India

The hybrid buses involved in the Navi Mumai pilot will be manufactured at Volvo's Bangalore facilityVolvo is to introduce its hybrid buses to India next year. It says it is the first bus manufacturer to do so. The hybrids will begin running as part of a pilot in Navi Mumbai, a planned township to the south of Mumbai, and its surrounding areas.

The Navi Mumbai pilot comes off the back of the Indian government’s recently launched Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in India scheme (FAME India), which is aimed at encouraging the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country by way of incentives.

It will be run in partnership with the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) transport service and the buses trialed will be manufactured at Volvo’s factory in Bangalore. They will join Volvo’s existing fleet of around 1,500 conventional buses that the firm says are operating in 34 Indian cities.

Volvo says it has sold more than 2,300 hybrid buses in over 20 countries, including its home country of Sweden. It says they deliver up to 39 percent lower fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions than regular

The best gets better Bugatti confirms Geneva debut for all-new Chiron

Production of the Bugatti Veyron ended earlier this year, leaving a void up around the top of the supercar food chain. That void will be filled soon enough with a Veyron successor, but while there have been plenty of unconfirmed rumors and reports about the “Chiron” not much has come from Bugatti itself. That will all change this week, with Bugatti set to confirm both the model’s name and its coming debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. In just a few months, the world’s fastest car gets an even more capable successor.

In teasing the debut of the all-new Chiron, Bugatti isn’t really breaking any major news. The Chiron name has been rumored for a long time, and we knew the model was coming next year, likely in Geneva. Still, it’s always good to replace “think” with “know”. ouis Chiron was a Bugatti racing driver known for a run of grand prix victories back in the 1920s and 30s. Bugatti says that his name is more closely connected to the brand than that of any other race car driver. If “Chiron” sounds vaguely (or very) familiar, it might

4 Myth-Busting Truths about Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Your Commercial Truck

When it comes to commercial truck maintenance, there’s so much to remember, it can prove overwhelming to prioritize what needs to be done. Regular oil changes and tire checks are a must, but what else do you devote your attention to? What else will provide you with better mileage and make it less likely your vehicle will break down in route to a delivery or pick up? The answer may surprise you: DEF.

It Lowers Mileage

Trucks operating with diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, may get as much as five percent better mileage than trucks without. Because DEF works to lower the pollutants released into the air during the operation of a truck, truck manufacturers relying on operators to use DEF can build better, more efficient engines. Even in trucks with bigger engines to accommodate a DEF system, the overall result is better fuel economy.

It Doesn’t Evaporate

Some truck drivers worry that they’ll constantly have to refill DEF because of hot weather and evaporation. However, even at 120 degrees, DEF will take two years to evaporate. By then, you’ll have used up the fluid in the normal course of truck operation.

Mahindra NuvoSport is the updated Quanto: An Autoportal’s Overview

Mahindra is launchingMahindra NuvoSport an amazing stylish sporty 7 seater compact SUV on 4th April 2016. Mahindra had entered the compact SUV segment with Mahindra Quanto which did not go well in the Indian market. Quanto could not satisfy the consumers whose expectations were quite high. The Mahindra’s sales sector was very disappointed when the sales of Quanto badly crashed. With this in mind Mahindra wanted to rectify its mistakes and planned to make a comeback. So Mahindra with the help of R & D has come up with the new updated Quanto named as Mahindra NuvoSport. Mahindra has done a very impressive work and the upgradation is prominently seen in the upcoming NuvoSport. To satisfy and impress the consumer Mahindra has completely gone out of the way to change the front face of this compact SUV. It has also made overall changes and additions altogether to its new avatar and NuvoSportis being launched with great expectations.



The 6 variants are N4, N4+, N6, N6 AMT, N8 and N8 AMT.


NuvoSport looks more refreshing and sportier than Quanto. The front end

New Skoda Superb 2016 India launch – Price, news and review from

Skoda – the subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, has announced the launch of the new 2016 Superb not only in India but worldwide. Superb has been one of its flagship models and the new model promises to be bigger, more stylish and more efficient than the current outgoing model. Let us find out more details of the new car.


Launch in India

The new 2016 Skoda Superb was unveiled first at the Geneva Motor Show where it received great applause. Although it was widely expected that the new car would be launched at the recent Auto Expo 2016 at New Delhi, the company someway chose to further delay the launch. And finally, now it will be launched next week on the 23rd of February at an official ceremony.

An overall review

The car measures 4861 mm in length, 1864 mm in width and 1468 mm in height which shows it is clearly longer and wider than the older version. The wheelbase has also increased by 80 mm giving more space to the rear passengers and the boot space has also improved to 625 litres.

Self-healing polymer ‘starfish’ prolong lifetime of automotive oils

Researchers have created self-healing polymers that could extend the lifetime of automotive oils. These polymers are suitable to add to lubricants and could maintain the physical properties of engine oils for longer, they claim helping engine efficiency. Biological materials, such as skin, self heal following damage giving inspiration for these new materials.

Polymers are often added to automotive oils to control important physical properties such as viscosity but mechanical and thermal stress can break the polymers decreasing the efficiency and how they affect the oils properties. The research team, led by Professor David Haddleton, of the University of Warwick have now designed a self-healing, star-shaped polymer for use as a viscosity modifier.

The methacrylate polymer has vulnerable long arms which be broken off if stressed reducing performance. The research team found they could add a particular chemical combination to the polymer’s backbone which, almost like a starfish, which allow broken arms to reform via a “Diels Alder cycloaddition reaction” in a self healing reaction.

The research team now plan to ‘optimise the chemistry before passing it on to our industrial collaborators, Lubrizol, for development in automotive lubricant applications,’ says Professor Haddleton.

Tips for Good Auto Repair Service

In today’s world, guaranteeing that your automotive or truck operates faithfully  is a lot of necessary than ever. the bulk of automotive technicians nowadays would agree that scheduled/preventative automotive maintenance is that the best thanks to make sure that your vehicle can continually perform systematically and faithfully. It’s a busy world, however it’s more and more necessary to require time to judge your vehicle parts sporadically. Not solely can this make sure that you’re aware of potential issues your vehicle may endure within the future, it’ll conjointly offer you peace of mind by being proactive regarding inspecting the vehicle parts that almost all unremarkably cause those issues.

Big issues ar sometimes a results of neglecting tiny part peripherals , like fluids or belts. These parts need attention a lot of oftentimes than others, however {are also|also ar|are} expensive|more cost-effective} to take care of and are the key to preventing costly repairs. auto repair Goodyear AZ Guide is here to produce you insight into however typically you ought to monitor these parts so as to stop these expensive repairs within the future.

1. signaling your owner’s manual.

Yes, it is your car’s bible! Knowing wherever to seek out info quickly will facilitate

Gizmag gets luxurious at the launch of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn

For a brand with a history as long and illustrious as Roll-Royce, the launch of a new car is big news. It’s no surprise, then, that Rolls-Royce didn’t hold back when it came time to take the wraps off the new Dawn in Australia. After taking the car on a tour of Sydney Harbour at sunrise, it was on to Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building where Gizmag was on the ground to take a closer look at the new convertible and have a chat with the car’s global product manager, Jonathan Shears.

It might be a convertible, but Rolls-Royce has worked hard to make sure the Dawn’s occupants are able to enjoy some quiet time. In an attempt to keep a traditional silhouette the car is fitted with a canvas roof, albeit the most thoroughly engineered canvas roof we’ve seen.

There’s six layers of fabric involved in creating the Dawn’s roof, while a french seam is sewn down its length to cut down on wind noise by improving aerodynamics. This means that roof-up, the Dawn delivers what Jonathan Shears describes as “the silent Rolls-Royce cabin experience.

Don’t expect that silent experience to fall apart when the roof drops, because even the Dawn’s roof opening

Carloudy portable HUD runs for weeks on a single charge

In a similar way to head-up-displays like the Garmin HUD, the upcoming Carloudy sits on a car dash and throws navigation prompts onto the windscreen. But thanks to a display technology that sips at the battery, its designers are promising weeks of daylight or nighttime visible usage without needing to hit the charger.

“Carloudy is the first HUD to use an electronic paper display (no heat or moving parts, visible in all light conditions, and lasts two weeks on one charge),” a spokesman for Cognitive AI Technologies told Gizmag.

The Carloudy features a six-inch, high-definition semi-transparent display that uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness, with the image reflected on the windshield.

It works with a Bluetooth-paired smartphone running a companion app, which is aimed at providing turn-by-turn navigation via Google Maps, parking and traffic availability in real-time, a speed limit display, and helps find useful services such as food and drink, car washes, hotels and more. The designers also point out that distracting features like text alerts, email notifications and social media updates were purposefully left out.

The 6.57 x 5.16 x 0.39 in (166.88 x 131.06 x 12.7 mm), 0.55 lb (250 g) Carloudy features a low

Roborace championship will pit driverless electric cars against each other

Are racing car drivers an endangered species? If so, then Roborace could be the beginning of the end. Slated to kick off next year, this new racing championship will pit driverless electric cars against each other in a round-the-world series. The aim is to provide a competitive platform for the autonomous driving technology that is being developed by automotive and tech firms, as well as universities.

Roborace is being developed in a partnership between the electric racing series Formula E, which is currently in its second season, and investment firm Kinetik. It will form part of the support package for the Formula E Championship, with races taking place at the same circuits prior to each Formula E race.

Ten teams will compete in the Roborace championship, each with two driverless cars. The running of one team will be crowdsourced by a community of software and technology enthusiasts, and experts from around the world. All the teams will use the same car , but will be able to alter its software to gain a competitive advantage over the course of one-hour races.

Formula E says the aim of Roborace is to demonstrate the capabilities of autonomous driving technology, even in extreme conditions, while Kinetik’s

Audi redesigns R18 hybrid race car for 2016 season

Audi premiered its new R18 racer at the Audi Sport Finale at the Audi Training Center Munich on Saturday, November 28, saying the 2016 season R18 has been fundamentally redesigned to improve aerodynamics, its hybrid drivetrain, and lightweight build.

Audi says its diesel-electric race car represents the next stage in lightweight, hybrid systems design, with the automaker optimizing the 4.0-liter TDI engine for efficiency. The 2016 R18 will race in the 6MJ class, up from the 4MJ class it raced within in 2015 and the 2MJ it was in during the 2014 season.

Audi has promised further technical details on the car and its changes as the race season nears. Meanwhile, it gave assurances that the race team will remain intact and that it and Porsche will combine efforts for the Le Mans 24 Hours, fielding two race cars rather than three. This cost-efficiency measure will likely herald a few Volkswagen Group race changes throughout the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season in 2016.

All eight drivers that were in the field during 2015 will remain in 2016, despite the vehicle changes. Audi says that the only change planned is to swap Adrien Tambay and Nico Muller in order to give the two

Alpina B5 Bi-turbo ups the power of BMW’s M5

In the world of tuning, there’s no such thing as too much power. BMW’s 560-hp (418-kW) M5 is already an absolute powerhouse, but the engineers at Alpina have decided that there’s a market for a more powerful and luxurious 5 Series in the form of the B5 Biturbo.

Under the hood is a 4.4-liter V8, which produces 600 hp (447 kW) and a whopping 590 ft-lb (800 Nm) of torque. That’s the same amount of power as the limited edition M5 30 Jahre produced, but 100 Nm more torque. It’s no surprise, then, the Alpina handles the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in just 4.1 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds quicker than the M5 Competition Package.

Part of the reason the Alpina’s extra power doesn’t translate to a massive improvement in sprint time is down to the gearbox, with the B5 Biturbo eschewing the M5’s dual clutch gearbox for a more conventional eight-speed automatic. We also suspect the car might battle to channel all its torque through the rear wheels off the line, but once you’re on the move that huge torque figure isn’t such a problem, evidenced by the B5’s 204 mph (328 km/h) top speed.

It might be incredibly powerful but

Volkswagen proposes simple technical fixes for diesel cheat in Europe

The Volkswagen Group has been in a lot of hot water since the “dieselgate” scandal began. When it came to light that VW had been using a “defeat device” on its diesel vehicles to circumvent official emission testing procedures, the company quickly admitted to its wrongdoing and has been working to comply with regulators and find a fix. In Europe, that fix may be very simple. This week, the German authorities accepted the small technical change and software upgrade proposed by VW.

The software defeat device that the Volkswagen Group (which includes VW, Porsche, Audi, and others) used to cheat regulations was implemented on several of the company’s diesel vehicles globally. In Europe, two of the engines under investigation are a 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter diesel labeled EA 189. These utilized engine software that detected when the vehicle was being compliance tested and changed the output metrics in order to win approval. Thus the recorded nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions were compliant despite being much higher than allowed during normal use.

Volkswagen has proposed a simple engine change and a software fix that would force the two EA 189 engines to be compliant with European emissions regulations. The proposal has secured the approval of

Rezvani reveals hardcore 700-hp Beast X roadster

We can’t imagine there were many people that saw the recently finalized Rezvani Beast and thought, “Gosh, that 1,650-lb (748-kg) roadster is woefully underpowered at 500 hp.” But the Southern California boutique believes there are at least five such customers out there willing to spend double the price on a suped-up, twin-turbo two-seater. For them, there’s the all-new Beast X.

Rumors of a Beast X have been circulating for weeks, and Rezvani made the model official this week. The “most powerful and exclusive Beast ever produced” gets a healthy power boost up to 700 hp (522 kW) thanks to a reworked 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with dual Borg Warner high-performance turbochargers, forged pistons and valves, and strengthened internal components.

The Beast X’s carbon fiber body conveys its added drive power with a touch more aggressiveness. Modifications include the distinctive dual-rear wing design, side wings, and redesigned front and rear fascias. The standard Beast never looked shabby, but the Beast X looks absolutely stunning in its blue birthday suit.

All told, the changeover from Beast to Beast X spec brings about 200 pounds (91 kg) with its 200 horses, pushing weight up to 1,850 lb (839 kg). For those counting, that’s 0.83 hp/kg, which roughly

Classics, customs and quirky creations from LA

Beyond the brand new cars of the 2015 LA Auto Show, there are plenty of other notable rides on show. In fact, some of the most interesting cars there are decades old – or built to look like it. The LA show also gets a fair amount of spillover from SEMA, with customs and restorations galore. Take a tour of this side of the show in our feature gallery.

We missed DiMora Motorcar’s press conference, but it was nearly impossible to miss its booth in the atrium. Many cars can be referred to as rolling artwork, but few of them so literally as DiMora’s Vicci 6.2 Emperor. This retro-styled, rolling-fendered roadster features original artwork by Taiwanese artist Master Lee Sun-Don, who brushes a unique painting for each car in the 25-model Emperor Series, which DiMora spends 750 man-hours recreating on the hood and side panels. The process ends with the laying of 24-karat gold leaf.

The DiMora team also spent plenty of time building a 1930s-style roadster up around a 430-hp 6.2-liter GM LS3 V8. The car’s body is constructed using the company’s Carbon DFD technology, maintaining a curb weight of 2,820 lb (1,279 kg). With the standard GM 4-speed automatic transmission,

US Specialty Vehicles gives the Jeep Wrangler a mean new look

Few would argue against the idea that the Jeep Wrangler remains one of the most off-road-capable 4x4s on the planet it roams. California-based aftermarket builder US Specialty Vehicles sees some room for improvement in the way the Wrangler expresses its intentions, though. It’s slapped a rugged, military-style body kit on the four-door Wrangler Unlimited and upgraded the interior into a warm, supple space. The result is the Rhino XT, the all-terrain SUV reinvented.

If you look closely, you can spot the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited hiding below USSV’s kit, but to the untrained eye, the Rhino XT is virtually unrecognizable as a Wrangler. It looks more like a Toyota FJ Cruiser with big, angular body kit. In particular, the grille/headlight surround and gently arched roof look like an homage to the discontinued FJ. That roof is a removable hard top, maintaining the Wrangler’s ability to delight passengers with spring breezes and splashy stream crossings.

Beyond those simple cosmetic updates, USSV designers have gotten a bit angry and aggro, giving the XT a highly aggressive look with massive, riveted flared fenders, rugged bumpers, reinforced FRP body panels, and designer tow hooks. The 35-in tires on/off-road tires around 20 x 10-in aluminum wheels add to

Volvo drivers can now have online shopping orders delivered to their cars

This year’s Christmas shopping just got easier for Volvo drivers in Gothenburg, Sweden. The carmaker has launched its In-car Delivery service, which allows users to order shopping online and have it delivered to their car while they are elsewhere.

Volvo began trialling its “roam delivery” service last year and wasn’t alone – we saw Audi piloting a similar service too. Volvo says, however, that its resulting In-car Delivery offer is the first such commercially-available service.

To begin, the firm has partnered with communications and logistics supplier PostNord, online toy and baby goods store and online grocery retailer Online shoppers need only select the In-car Delivery option at the checkout stage of their purchase.

The courier is subsequently able to locate a user’s parked car via its GPS positioning system, which is accessible to the courier only on the day of delivery. They then utilize a one-time-use “digital key” to unlock the vehicle upon arrival, placing the goods in its trunk before re-securing it.

Once the delivery has been made, the user receives a notification and they are able to simply collect their vehicle and return home with their shopping. The service can, of course, be useful for when people at work, but

The robots are in charge at Europe’s biggest automated car-park

Scouring a multi-story car-park to find a space can be an unforgiving task. It’s not necessary, however, at a new multi-story lot at the Dokk1 community complex in Aarhaus, Denmark. Drivers leave their cars with an automated system, which picks them up and carries them to a space.

“Drivers park their car at ground level in one of 20 booths and receive a ticket,” says CEO of Lödige Industries Philippe De Backer. “The booth is the interface between the driver and the car park. From the moment the driver parks his car, everything is automatic.”

We’ve seen similar systems elsewhere before, such as Serva’s Ray autonomous robotic parking systems used at Audi and at Düsseldorf Airport. The automated car-park at Dokk1, however, is said to be Europe’s largest.

Designed by Lödige, the technology used is based on a slightly different approach to that of Serva. Both are pallet-free, meaning the cars themselves are picked up rather than being placed on platforms upon which they’re carried and stored. Pallet-free systems are said to be quicker and more efficient as they do not require empty pallets to be transported between car movements.

However, whereas both systems pick up the cars themselves, the Ray system does so

Volvo explores autonomy with Concept 26

The march – or roll – of the autonomous vehicle continues. Joining the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Chevy, Italdesign and Rinspeed, Volvo has created a home-cooked version of the autonomous car of the future. The Swedish automaker drives right to the heart of the matter, skipping the body shell completely and focusing solely on an interior that transforms to allow the driver-passenger to better manage commuting time.

Before developing Concept 26, Volvo researched daily commuting in the United States and the way drivers want to use their time behind the wheel within an autonomous paradigm. It found that the average commute is 26 minutes and can rise much higher in dense, high-traffic metropolises like New York and Los Angeles, the latter’s Auto Show being the debut venue of the new concept.

Volvo’s concept cockpit aims at empowering drivers to make better use of that time, time that would traditionally be spent tap dancing between the accelerator and brake pedal and eyeballing traffic signs and brake lights.

“Volvo Concept 26 addresses the notion that driving can still be fun and liberating on the right day and on the right road but that some parts of driving, notably the daily commute in many metro areas, is