Limnothrissa msaka Diplotaxodon Macrops Diplotaxodon.
Kaporo Cyrtocara moorii Dimidiochromis Compressiceps Dimidiochromis Dimidiatus Dimidiochromis Kiwinge Dimidiochromis Strigatus Diplotaxodon Diplotaxodon Aeneus Diplotaxodon Apogon Diplotaxodon Ecclesi Diplotaxodon Argenteus Diplotaxodon.
Aulonocara 'Dark Stripe' Aulonocara.
Origin: Mbenji Islands, Malawi.Aulonocara (Omnivore haplochrominiens (Omnivore tanganyika, victoria, fluviatiles).'azureus jalo' Copadichromis borleyi Copadichromis Chingata Copadichromis.'Mentale Bicuspid alticorpus Pectinatum Alticorpus peterdaviesi.Dernière mise à jour / Last update.Cichlides Africains / African Cichlids, malawi, mbunas (Herbivores / Omnivore).Lupingu Blue Copadichromis Maisoni Copadichromis Makanjila Copadichromis Mbenji Blue Copadichromis Mbenjii Copadichromis Melas Copadichromis Midnight Mloto Copadichromis Melas Copadichromis Mloto Copadichromis Mloto Goldcrest Copadichromis Mloto Likoma Copadichromis Trewavasae Copadichromis Mloto liuli Copadichromis Mloto Reef Copadichromis Mloto Undu Copadichromis.'Flavimanus Lundu' Copadichromis.Flavus deep Cynotilapia.Wild specimens may not attain this size, or may in fact grow larger than aquarium raised individuals due to various factors.

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1 easy and forgiving, 5 extremely challenging.'Deep' Diplotaxodon ecclesi Diplotaxodon Greenwoodi Diplotaxodon.Elongatus taiwan Cynotilapia.Also consider that this is the typical maximum size and there are exceptional individuals that will exceed.'Large black' Diplotaxodon Limnothrissa Black-Dorsal Diplotaxodon.'Chitande type Masinje aulonocara.Genyochromis Mento Gepyrochromis Gepyrochromis Lawsi Gepyrochromis Moorii Gepyrochromis.'Chizumulu blue' Copadichromis Chizumuluensis Copadichromis Chizumuluensis Copadichromis.Likoma Blue Copadichromis Diplostigma Copadichromis.Black dorsal Metriaclima Cynotilapia.Conspecific Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tank- mates of the same species.