chivas regal box

A little earth as well, beer I find it rather different.
Well, with NAS, youre never 100 sure the whiskys young, but it should.Perhaps a little almond oil.Rhum.M White Rum (40, OB, Martinique, agricole, white, /-2015).Water did not make it over-US-oaky this ganar ingresos pasivos time, even if there might be a little too much sugariness for my taste.Nose: chalk, mud, clay, bandages, aspirin tablets, hay, paraffin, plasticine, lemon juice, menthol cigarettes (mums Kools) Whats not to like?Nose: it is a little lighter than the Liqueur, and indeed it could be grainier and a tad rougher and a little less complex.Rhum Rhum PMG (41, OB, Marie-Galante, /-2015).It lost a good ten points there.Thats like 713,524 years in Scotland.With water: more bouillon, plus chestnut honey.
I dont know why, I cannot not think of Auchentoshan.

Thats clearly a tremendous asset, when many whiskies unless peated - tend to taste more or less the same.Finish: rather long, this time more on leather again, green tobacco, coffee beans, bitter oranges, more bitter chocolate Comments: a relatively dry one, but I guess thats what Mortlach is all about.A little patchouli, some apples.Have I been to harsh on the two NAS?Perhaps not a surprise, but yeah, a surprise, a great surprise.More mentholated things in the aftertaste.Comments: the sherry does not dominate I mean, not totally.Then old books, antique shop, long forgotten clothes in an old wardrobe in an old attic (yes, in an old country house cigars And, surprisingly, fresh overripe strawberries.House of Lords 12 yo (40, OB, blend, France, /-1980).Some nuts and some ashes.
Finish: rather medium, rather fruity (guava, really with an oaky signature.
Its a bit in the style of the first 15 that the former new owners hat issued around 2002 or 2003.

Me, I quite love.