2 December 24, 1998 The Wei Tang Brothers are born.
23 Mark-4 American Jaeger, Mammoth Apostle, is launched.However, Travis que equipo gano el mundial 2006 Beacham states that Tresspasser attacked San Francisco, Hayward, San Mateo and San Jose.El Pilates es un método que propone otra forma de realizar el trabajo muscular de fuerza-resistencia, la flexibilidad musical y articular.Pacific Rim, several events within the expanded universe occur and give credence to the events that transpire in cuanto gana un carpintero al dia the film.41 According to the novelization of Pacific Rim, the second Kaiju attack occurred five months later in Hong Kong; the third attack is eight months later in Sydney.1 Stacker Pentecost killed in combat.23 Kaiju Yamarashi emerges from the Breach.

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1 Unknown Date, 2021 Mako Mori enlists in the Jaeger Academy.Timeline graphs, four Kaiju attacked in 2015 alone.31 Unknown Date, 2017 Mark-3 Chinese Jaeger, Shaolin Rogue, is launched.28 Category II Kaiju Ragnarok emerges from the Breach in Tokyo Bay.30 2 July 11, 2017 Los Angeles, California Shatterdome is established.San Francisco experiences.1 earthquake.20 2 December 15, 2015 American Jaeger, Romeo Blue, is launched.According to Travis Beacham Mako is born January 23, 2005.Note 8 Gipsy Danger is deployed to fight the Kaiju.
December 11, 1998 Raleigh Becket is born.

8 September 15, 2014 Seoul, South Korea Conference commences 8 Jasper Schoenfeld presents his idea for the Jaeger.